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Art of Public Speaking:


Bloopers are clumsy errors or mistakes that are usually made in a public setting. The television show "TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes" and many blooper books are indicators of the interest we have in other people's goofs. How can mistakes, or bloopers, be used in the art of public speaking?

Here are two from "All Time Great Bloopers" by Blooper Snooper Kermit Schafer and one from 'More Press Boners' by Earle Tempel, and how you might use them in an art of public speaking presentation.

A while back I heard about a disk jockey on WIOD in Miami, Florida who said, "This is Alan Courtney speaking. Don't forget, tonight at nine, our special guest . . . (pause) . . .will be . . . I forgot." "Well, I haven't forgotten why we are here today . . . " or (For an introducer) "I couldn't possibly forget who is here with us today."

Mayor Daley of Chicago was being interviewed on TV following the riots during the Democratic convention. The mayor stated,"The police in Chicago are not here to create disorder, they are here to preserve it." I hope I don't create, or preserve, any disorder in my presentation today. Likely if the mayor had studied the art of public speaking, he would have avoided this embarrasment.

>From The San Leandro, CA News: I saw a notice in the newspaper the other day. The notice said, "Industrial Boulevard is empty because it is a road to nowhere. Work is underway to extend it." If we keep developing the obsolete widget. We will be on the road to nowhere too.

Learning from a mistakes, and making it positive is all part of the art of public speaking.
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