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Art of Public Speaking:

Attention Gaining Devices

Attention span of the audience is very short. Here is the quick way to keep the audience with you. After you have created your talk, go through it and
make sure that every 2 to 4 minutes you use some form of a attention gaining
device. This is yet another part of the skills used in the art of public speaking.

You could increase your voice inflection (accentuate the sounds of the words), show a visual, hold up a prop, move around the room, tell a story, throw out a 
one liner, write on a flip chart, show a picture of your kids if you want to. 
The art of public speaking involves more than just the words we speak. You
need to re-engage the audience as their attention begins to fade.

Just make sure that no more than a few minutes goes by between
attention gaining devices. With the art of public speaking the
audience won't know you are using a technique on them, but at the end
they will say. Wow! That time sure went by fast!

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