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Art of Public Speaking:


When you are speaking in public, humor the you use for the art of public speaking does not be knee slapping amusing to be effective. There is a mild form of humor that can be used in your public speaking assignments. Alliteration is used in the art of public speaking where the repetition of the same first sound or the same first letter in a group of words, or in a line of poetry.

You find alliteration used in advertisements and titles all the time because it tends to catch your both your eyes and ears. Catching the attention of your audience is part of the art of public speaking. One of my humorous public speaking topics is titled 'Pranks for Profit: Confessions of a Paid Practical Joker'. It has four 'p' sounds.

Here is an example of a positive message delivered with alliteration:

'We (B)agged the (B)aldridge award (B)ecause our (B)rainy, (B)eautiful (B)usinesspeople are the (B)est.'

In a negative message you can soften the blow of the message without appearing frivolous or uncaring. Example:

'The strike by one of our suppliers has put a (C)runch on our division. Even though we are (C)runched, we are still (C)reative. We are still (C)redible. And we will (C)onquer this problem.'

The art of public speaking can heighten the glow, or soften the blow.

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